#MyHairCares: Jessica Surowiec


#MyHairCares is a series about the reasons we commit to giving back. We asked our Friends of FEKKAI why they're committing to a brighter future...and this is what they told us. This is why Jessica Surowiec cares. Why do you care?

"My Hair Cares tells a story to me. I grew up in Poland and having that sustainable lifestyle is something that was more common to me. A lot of people don’t realize the harm chemicals in our products really do.  

I think people are starting to recognize that something as small as changing your shampoo can really make a big difference. For me, it was all about finding products that not only speak to my hair, but make it healthier 

Because if it’s not in nature, why should it be in our hair? What you put on your skin affects you from the outside in. I changed a lot with my beauty routine. I started noticing the more natural products I was using, the healthier my skin and hair were getting, the more I didn’t have to try to cover it up.  

Natural beauty is really about enhancing what you already have." - Jessica Surowiec  

 Join Jessica and take the #MyHairCares pledge for a greener, cleaner future.

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