Our Ingredients

Powered by sustainability. Sourced from nature.

Our salon-grade formulas feature naturally-derived ingredients that perform—sourced sustainably in consideration of the local environment and our planet's needs.

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Carefully Curated & Backed by Science

Backed by science

Our formulas are a close collaboration between our in-house chemist and founder Frédéric Fekkai. We sustainably source safe, non-toxic ingredients from nature to infuse high performance and distinctive benefits into our EWG-compliant formulas.

Salon-grade performance

All FEKKAI formulas undergo extensive salon testing with our stylists to ensure that every formula meets the highest standards of performance. We also conduct efficacy testing with a third-party lab to approve and validate performance claims.

Future-focused thinking

We are constantly evolving to include the newest nature-based ingredient technology, using a combination of “green technology,” up-to-the-moment innovation, and high-performance ingredients to power our formulas.

Our Commitment

Our vegan and cruelty-free formulas are free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates and parabens without compromising an ounce of performance.


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