The World Needs Our Help

Each year, more than 8 million tons of plastic lands in our oceans.
80% of the trash in our oceans is plastic.
More than 90% of plastic is never recycled.

Leaders and activists, writers and athletes, they've committed to making the world a greener place. When you sign the #MYHAIRCARES pledge, you stand with them for a more sustainable future.

Actress & Beauty Journalist
“You are not a drop in the ocean you are the whole ocean in a drop. Think with that.”
Influencer & Beauty Entrepreneur
“Small changes like recycling water bottles & supporting brands who are taking steps towards being eco-friendly all helps.”
Fashion Entrepreneur
“We are in a climate emergency. It’s time to stop taking and start giving back.”
“Treat the environment with respect.”
Professional Surfer & Model
“Give back to our oceans as they give us so much.”
Actress & Singer