The World Needs Our Help

Sea Turtle Swimming in Clear Water
Each year, more than 8 million tons of plastic lands in our oceans.
View of desert plant and stones with blue sky backdrop
80% of the trash in our oceans is plastic.
Multi-colored Recyclable Bottles
More than 90% of plastic is never recycled.
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Leaders and activists, writers and athletes, they've committed to making the world a greener place. When you sign the #MYHAIRCARES pledge, you stand with them for a more sustainable future.

Fekkai Hair Cares Pledge Actress Mireya Rios
Actress & Beauty Journalist
“You are not a drop in the ocean you are the whole ocean in a drop. Think with that.”
Fekkai Hair Cares Pledge Deepica Mutyala
Influencer & Beauty Entrepreneur
“Small changes like recycling water bottles & supporting brands who are taking steps towards being eco-friendly all helps.”
Fekkai Hair Cares Pledge Fashion Entrepreneur Marina Testino
Fashion Entrepreneur
“We are in a climate emergency. It’s time to stop taking and start giving back.”
Fekkai Hair Cares Pledge Model Britt Bergmeister
“Treat the environment with respect.”
Fekkai Hair Cares Pledge Professional Surfer Model Anastasia Ashley
Professional Surfer & Model
“Give back to our oceans as they give us so much.”
Fekkai Hair Cares Pledge Actress and Singer Soko the Kat
Actress & Singer