Our Sustainability Initiatives

In 2019, we committed to reducing ocean bound plastic waste by purchasing over 64 million grams of PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) in year one alone. 

Humble, recycled gallon milk jugs get a new life as part of our FEKKAI 3.0 bottles or jars. Our PCR content ranges from 30-95% depending on the product. Our shipping boxes and packing materials are 100% recyclable. 

Our Shea Butter uses 100% ethically wild-harvested raw materials as part of the Qualitree program, which aims to reduce poverty by establishing food security and income for local West African communities.

The Apple Cider Vinegar we use in our products is sourced under strict guidelines to keep carbon footprint low. Our Ginger Extract is Eco-Certified.

Finally, Fekkai Salons are certified Green Circle Salons and Carbon Neutral. And we recycle, recover, and repurpose 95% of our beauty waste to prevent entry into landfills and waterways.