How to Harness the Healing Power of Olive Oil for Your Hair

This rich oil is more than just a cooking staple.

Does thinking of olive oil mentally transport you to the kitchen counter or to the beauty counter? With a number of healing qualities, this rich oil is more than just a cooking staple.

But is olive oil good for your hair? It comes down to what your unique strands need. This liquid gold can help your hair in several ways—if you know how to use it.

What Are the Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair?


Olive oil offers a number of benefits for your hair. Hair that's flat, dry, or frizz-prone requires hydration in order to stay healthy and prevent breakage, but hot tools, harsh hair products, and everyday stress can strip moisture from your strands. Olive oil offers a fix—one study in the Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that hair absorbs olive oil when applied topically and helps lock in that all-important moisture.

Olive oil also contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, which can help protect your hair's natural keratin and boost shine.

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Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair?

Hair care isn't one-size-fits-all, and olive oil hair treatments aren't right for everyone. In its raw form, this ingredient is typically most beneficial to those with dry or curly hair types, which are generally more porous and prone to moisture loss.

Olive oil straight from the bottle may be too heavy for fine or thin strands—if your hair can't absorb it, the oil will weigh it down and appear greasy. Also, don't forget that olive oil has a green-yellow hue, which may change the color of light or color-treated hair with regular use. To help avoid some of these common downfalls, you can opt for olive oil-based hair products, which are formulated to bring out the oil's natural hair benefits.

How to Add Olive Oil to Your Hair Care Routine


To keep your hair healthy and moisturized, introduce olive oil as part of your natural hair care routine. It's important to nourish your hair with high-grade olive oil that's cold-pressed, meaning that it hasn't been treated with chemicals or altered by temperature. This allows the oil to retain more nutrients from the olives—and bonus points if it's organic. 

If you choose to use olive oil right from the bottle, start by treating your hair to a hydrating mask and then apply a trace amount of oil to your strands. Focus on the drier ends, as your hair may look greasy if you apply too close to your scalp. Even better, try salon-grade formulas that incorporate olive oil as a primary ingredient. Our Brilliant Gloss line is powered by Organic French Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. It can help eliminate frizz and transform your hair by infusing it with moisture and transforming it with 4x the shine.

When it comes to olive oil, you might instinctively think about cooking, not hair care. But there are a number of potential benefits of olive oil for hair. Just make sure to opt for innovative products that incorporate olive oil and are tested and approved by hair care experts.