Repair ALL the Broken Bonds: Disulfide, Hydrogen & Ionic.

Stop Breaking, Start (Triple) Bonding

Stop Breaking, Start (Triple) Bonding

Who doesn’t love a fresh blowout or a new dye job? We leave the salon with our hair looking bouncy, refreshed, and fantastic and then recreate the looks with hot tools and products at home. While we love the end results, bleaching, keratin treatments, and styling can take a serious toll on hair, causing long-term damage and breakage. Super Strength+ Collection is to the rescue with its clinically proven active, Powerbond ™, to repair all broken hair bonds as well as boost hydration, smoothness, and overall strength.

The Lowdown on Bond Breakdown

Our hair is made up of keratin, a fibrous protein composed of amino acids linked together by three bonds that make up the strength & structure of your hair: disulfide, hydrogen, and ionic. When any of these bonds become broken, you start to see damage in your hair.

Disulfide Bonds 
These bonds are permanent and the strongest of the three bonds, it's responsible for your natural hair type, how strong your hair is, and how prone it is to damage. It's typically broken by chemical treatments like bleaching or excessive heat styling.

Hydrogen Bonds 
Unlike disulfide, these bonds are temporary and can be 'reset' by water. They're responsible for your hair's elasticity, allowing it to change shape when we use heating tools. They are damaged by environmental stressors like humidity, and the main reason our hair gets frizzy.

Ionic Bonds 
Also known as salt bonds, these bonds are temporary and significantly contribute to hair's strength. It can be weakened by heat styling or sudden pH imbalances, making hair either too alkaline or acidic.  


How To Strengthen Your Bonds

Skipping chemical treatments and heat styling can help keep your hair bonds from breaking. However, this isn’t always realistic (we love sleek hair, we love a fresh bright balayage, we want it all!). And avoiding other factors, like UV & environmental stressors that contribute to breaking bonds, would mean never going outside or having any fun. No thank you. 

The solution to having the hair of your dreams and keeping it healthy, is the Super Strength+ collection. Each formula in this collection uses PowerBond™, a scientifically proven bond cure technology that penetrates hair fibers at a molecular level, healing and strengthening the shaft from within—from the cuticle to the cortex. This next-generation bonding works overtime to repair, reinforce, and restore hair bonds.

    We’ve also included a nourishing blend of Coconut, Jojoba, Rapeseed, and Baobab oils and Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E in this formula for hair to look and feel 4x smoother. Key leave-in products are further reinforced with Prodew®500, another amazing clean science active blended with amino acids to strengthen and add shine, while smoothing and detangling hair.

    Integrating Super Strength+ Into Your Haircare Routine

    Ready to strengthen and revive the health of your hair? Here's how to integrate Super Strength+ into your existing hair care routine to fill in the gaps and finish up what you have (don’t toss- sustainability first!!).


    The Super Strength+ Shampoo and Super Strength+ Conditioner are the ultimate power couple—this duo will bring fragile strands back to life. It's intensely repairing, moisturizing and hydrating, but don’t just take it from us! 56% of users reported their split ends were repaired after one use*.


    If your strands feel dry, add Super Strength+ Protein Bond Mask into your weekly routine. It’s powered by Prodew®500, a blend of amino acids that boosts shine and triples the strength of hair* while smoothing and detangling it. 

    After shampooing with Super Strength+ Shampoo, evenly coat strands with Super Strength+ Protein Bond Mask from roots to ends. Let it sink in for 3-5 minutes or use it as an overnight treatment— 70% of users saw less breakage when adding this to their routine.

    Stylist tip: Apply 1-2 pumps of Super Strength+ Everstrong Bonding Oil before Super Strength+ Repair Mask to double down on rescue and repair.


    For breakage-prone hair, protecting wet hair is a must. Mechanical breakage occurs most commonly when people comb out wet hair, with the extra weight of water, wet hair is super fragile and should be handled with care. We lose 50-100 hair daily to fall out, no need to add more loss! Fully coverage spritzing of  Super Strength+ Protein Powerbond Mist from roots to ends not only repairs, conditions and detangles to prevent breakage, and it also provides 450º heat protection and an invisible, environmental shield against damaging pollutants. We recommend using it daily. 

    For the ultimate repair and shine, follow with Super Strength+ Everstrong Bonding Oil. When hair cuticles are damaged, they appear rough and dull with their scales raised or stripped away—think of the prickly hair seen on a tiny insect; this is what it looks like on a microscopic level. Apply 1-2 pumps to damp hair from mid-shaft to ends; 72% saw less frizz up to 72 hours. It can also be used as a smoothing treatment on dry hair post-styling and is powered with Argan Oil, rich in Vitamin E, providing moisture and increasing hair’s elasticity. 

    Much love,

    If you have thin, fine, or limp hair…

    For that post-salon look

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      Apple Cider Detox

      Scalp Scrub

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    • Super Strength+ Shampoo Super Strength+ Shampoo
      Super Strength+

      Protein Powerbond Shampoo

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      Super Strength+

      Protein Powerbond Conditioner

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