Our Valentine’s Day Guide To Eco-Friendly Gifts That Give Back

We're here to usher in the era of eco-friendly gift ideas, starting with the day of love, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re giving to bae, your BFF, or your sibling, here are some fu, and creative gifts that give back to the planet, too.

Saving our oceans is a 24/7 job—if the tide never stops, why would we? Our work feels especially needed on gift-giving holidays when waste, plastics, and bows are everywhere.

So, we’re here to usher in the era of sustainable presents, starting with the day of love, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re giving to bae, your BFF, or your sibling, here are some eco-friendly, fun, and creative eco-friendly gifts that give back to the planet, too.

Eco-Friendly Gifts to Clean Their Hair + the Planet

FEKKAI Collections

Everyone needs to wash their hair, so why not ensure those moments also do some good for the planet? We created clean, vegan & sustainable hair care for that very reason. Our five nutrient-packed collections address every single hair concern. But for the uninitiated, we recommend Brilliant Gloss. It's powered by organic, cold-pressed olive oil for your shiniest, healthiest hair ever.

Brilliant Gloss, from $5, fekkai.com  

Support for the Arts

The Museum of Modern Art

The arts provide countless jobs to people all around the world, as well as inspiration at a time when climate fear and the state of the planet is becoming more and more of a concern. There are so many artistic institutions to support, though a membership to an iconic museum like The Museum of Modern Art in New York City or Paris’s Musée d'Orsay for someone who lives in those cities are among our faves.

The Museum of Modern Art Yearly Membership, from $100, moma.org 

A Green Thumb

The Sill ZZ Plant Large

Give someone the beginnings of their very own green sanctuary by gifting them with a plant. The Sill has the coolest selection we’ve seen—complete with doorstep delivery.

Live Plants from The Sill, starting at $5, thesill.com

Yummy Chocolate That Gives Back to Farmers 

Nuubia Signature Chocolate Gift Box

Buying chocolate last-minute from your local drugstore does the trick gift-wise, but any sweets that are mass-produced may arrive on shelves as a result of a company’s unfair labor laws that put children and marginalized communities in harm’s way. So if you’re going to gift the delicious sweets this holiday, buy them straight from farmers.

Nuubia Signature Chocolate Gift Box, $27, nuubia.com

The Gift of Nourished Skin

Bastide Bar Soap Trio

Showering doesn’t have to be basic or boring—really delicious-smelling, nourishing bar soap is back to upgrade your next shower session. Give your fave a set of three skin-softening soaps from Bastide, that also happen to look pretty amazing in top shelfies, too.

Signature Bar Soap Trio, $54, bastide.com