Introducing: FEKKAI’S Commitment to Sustainability

Starting now, we’re doing things differently. Here’s a look at our commitment to being more sustainable and turning the tide for our oceans, the beauty industry, and humanity’s future.


Ten years after selling his eponymous, world-renowned brand, Frédéric Fekkai has returned to lead his namesake company into a more sustainable future. Inspired by the power of Mother Nature and the forceful mistral wind of Southern France, Fekkai is on a path to reinvent the future of the beauty industry, while preserving the world’s natural beauty.


FEKKAI Takes Santa Monica Pier Decor

We believe the future of hair care should be as restorative to the planet as it is to our hair. So we’ve designed it to regenerate—cleaning up the world by repurposing plastic waste that is already in landfills and our oceans and recycling it back into our future products. It’s why our formulas are powered by Mother Nature and our 100% recyclable bottles are made from 95% recycled plastic that is domestically-sourced.



FEKKAI Packaging

We’ve made a bold commitment to reduce plastic waste and save the planet—purchasing 16 million grams of post-consumer resin to recycle back into our bottles and tubes. This is how we’re crafting our packaging from 95% recycled plastic that is domestically-sourced—making each bottle and tube 100% recyclable on its own. Even the boxes you receive with a new FEKKAI order are 100% recyclable—including the packing material inside.


Baby Blonde Ingredients

Hair goals start with science and salon-grade formulas are the building blocks of our DNA. Now, we’ve made them clean, without compromising an ounce of performance. Vegan, silicone-free, and cruelty-free, we want the blueprints of our products to do the same things for your hair that they do for the planet—care for, repair, and strengthen.



FEKKAI Full Collection

This is salon hair, gone clean.

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