Spray Responsibly

Looking good not at the expense of the planet.  

When Honeywell, a company that develops sustainable solutions for brands, introduced me to their non-ozone depleting, planet positive aerosol alternative I was thrilled. I have always said that clean science innovations will help beauty brands not only be clean but actually raise the bar on performance.

The low down on aerosol propellants.    

In the 80’s, hairsprays contained compounds called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) until it was discovered that CFCs were depleting the ozone layer, and preventing UV rays from entering the planet. CFCs were then banned and replaced with hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in the 90’s. HFCs were deemed a safer alternative because they did not bond to or disrupt ozone stability. In time, this assumption was proven to be incorrect, and we learned that HFCs actually did have the ability to gradually increase CO2 emissions. Currently, these emissions are estimated to potentially increase overall CO2 emissions by 7-19% and by 2050, studies showed there would be a 0.035% loss of ozone, opening millions of miles of the Earth to unfiltered solar radiation.          

Most dry shampoos, in the form of aerosol cans, use a chemical propellant called Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), a colorless, odorless gas made up of butane, propane, and isobutane. These highly flammable ingredients pose serious risks such as respiratory issues, headaches, hormone disruption, and organ damage, causing long-term harm to the body and destruction to the environment. In short, in our desire to look good by using aerosol hairspray, we were harming the planet.

Introducing a responsible way to spray

About three and a half years ago, in my search for an earth friendly aerosol option, I was connected with the team at Honeywell, an industry leader in the research and development of planet positive aerosol solutions. 

They introduced me to their revolutionary Solstice® Propellant technology, the first earth-friendly aerosol-based products that delivered performance identical to traditional aerosols without the environmental impact. It's nonflammable, non-ozone-depleting, VOC-exempt (U.S. EPA and CARB), with an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1%— very exciting to see these innovations that will make all the difference! 

We are one of the first brands to integrate it fully, and I'm delighted to offer our stylists and clients a full range of high-performance styling products, including dry shampoo and hair sprays, that are safe for people and the planet. 

As part of the Clean Stylers Collection, Green Aerosols have both styling and treatment benefits...

Clean Stylers Volume Lock Hairspray

Strong enough to beat the humidity, this flake-free formula locks in styles, from day to night and back again. It's made with a botanical protein blend that ensures optimal hair health 24/7.

Two times the volume, up to 48 hour hold 
Humidity resistant up to 72 hours

Clean Stylers Flexi-Hold Hairspray

Soft to the touch, style commitment-shy individuals would love this. An ultra-fine mist that’s non-flaking and adds just a kiss of hold. Packed with rice proteins that are rich in amino acids & peptides it protects against oxidative damage and enhances shine.

58% frizz reduction up to 72 hours 
Humidity resistant up to 72 hours

Clean Stylers Sheer Dry Shampoo

This invisible, talc-free dry shampoo extends a blowout without any ashy cast or buildup on the scalp. Powered by kaolin clay to instantly absorb excess oils, dirt, and odor from hair and scalp without clogging the delicate hair follicles. Apple extract, high in magnesium, potassium and calcium reduces shedding and risk of hair loss.  

Now more than ever looking good shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet, join us in spraying responsibly. 

Much love,