How to Protect Your Color-Treated Hair from Heat

If you dye your hair on a regular basis, protecting it from heat will help keep your hair healthy. Get ready to embrace your most vibrant color ever.

As you go through your morning routine and prepare yourself for the day ahead, you know that no matter what's thrown at you—whether that's a big presentation or just a hectic schedule—you can take the heat. But can your hair?

Heat styling weakens the hair fiber over time and risks damaging the protective cuticle that keeps it smooth and strong. And if you color your hair on top of using a blow-dryer, straightener, or curling wand, it's even more important to maintain your hair's strength with treatments and care because dye can further weaken the cuticle. Here's how to protect color-treated hair from heat.

Lock In Moisture 

Coloring your hair can strip your strands of moisture, and adding heat into the mix can dry them out even more. To combat these effects, choose products that incorporate ingredients to help replenish moisture. Our Technician Color collection is powered by Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), which helps protect your colored hair by locking in moisture. Opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and then give your hair some extra nourishment with a hydrating treatment mask.

Give Your Hair a Break

If your hair has quite extensive heat damage from over-styling, then it might be time to give it a short breather and embrace your natural texture. Rather than washing and blow-drying it every day, cut back to every other day—better yet, completely avoid heat styling for a week or so. Instead, let your hair air dry and then pull it back in a bun or a braid.

Nourish and Strengthen with the Right Ingredients

Strong, healthy hair is more likely to withstand the effects of hair dye and heat styling. Opt for products that incorporate natural ingredients to nourish your stands. Vitamin B5 is one powerful ingredient to look for, but here are a few other innovative ingredients that we incorporate into our product lines:

  • Camargue Rice Water: Sourced from the South of France, Camargue Rice Water helps to nourish, strengthen, and repair hair.
  • Mirabelle Plum Seed Oil: This oil includes an abundance of antioxidants, fatty acids, and powerful polyphenols to help keep strands strong and healthy.
  • Organic French Cold-Pressed Olive Oil: Also sourced from France, this hydrating oil provides natural moisture, nourishes your colored hair, and restores shine.

Color Care

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Technician Color

Keep the Heat Low

When you use a blow-dryer on your hair, wait to start heat styling until your hair has started to dry naturally. This shortens the amount of time your hair endures direct heat and reduces damage. You can then begin rough-drying your hair using your fingers and the blow-dryer before picking up your brush. Keep the heat at a moderate temperature (rather than blasting your head with very hot air) to reduce frizz and longer-term heat damage.

Fashion may change, but hair health is timeless—whether you change up your color on a whim or stick to your tried-and true hue, knowing how to protect color-treated hair from heat will keep your strands vibrant and healthy.