4 Ways Shea Butter Can Transform Your Waves and Curls

Healthy hair isn't shy about telling you so. 

Healthy hair isn't shy about telling you so. It shines, holds a style, and doesn't break.

Without moisture, hair can appear dry and become prone to breakage when it's dehydrated. This is particularly true for natural curls and waves, which tend to soak up moisture. That's why it's so important that your curls are nourished with the right ingredients to enhance their natural beauty and keep them looking gorgeous. Here's where Shea Butter for hair can make all the difference.

Originating from West Africa and extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, Shea Butter adds a heavy dose of moisture wherever it goes; Shea Butter delivers this rich ingredient's famed moisturizing properties straight to parched strands.

The FEKKAI Shea Butter range uses vegan and sustainably sourced Shea Butter that's manufactured in West Africa using 100% ethically wild-harvested raw materials. It's also supplied by a member of the Qualitree program, which aims to reduce poverty by establishing food security and income to local communities. What could be sweeter than knowing that your favorite hair products are helping to care for the environment and local communities they're sourced from?

It all comes down to hair health: this rich moisturizer is a versatile, sustainably sourced way to revive shine and texture. Here's a breakdown of the four biggest Shea Butter benefits for hair that's dry, brittle, and dehydrated.

1. Moisturizes Your Natural Curls

You can usually feel when it's been too long since you last picked up a water bottle. But your hair has to let you know when it's sorely in need of moisture—if your curly hair is becoming a little dried out and frizzy, it's most likely crying out for a little TLC. This is where a good dose of sustainably sourced Shea Butter for hair steps in, helping to define each curl and restore it to its former glory. Rich in revitalizing nutrients and fatty acids, consider this super ingredient the equivalent to a spa weekend for your hair.

Shea Butter Intense Mask

Shea Butter Intense Mask
Shea Butter

2. Improves Health and Shine

Conditioning treatments help keep your hair healthy and shiny in between visits to the salon. Here, heavy oils and butters like Shea Butter play a starring role. Shea's high concentration of vitamins A and E—two ingredients known for their moisturizing and shine-reviving qualities—help hair stay hydrated and silky.

3. Repairs Split Ends and Breakage

Split ends and breakage are perfectly natural, and they're often hard to avoid. This is especially true for coarse or coiled strands that easily become dehydrated. Introducing a salon-grade Shea Butter hair care treatment into your routine seals moisture into each strand, mending daily damage.

In three minutes, our Shea Butter Intense Mask softens your curls with a blend of natural Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, and moisture-retaining botanical extracts. Paired with a warm bath and some smooth music, this mask makes for a self-care Sunday that nourishes you from root to tip as well as head to toe. Follow it up with our Shea Butter Intense Oil Hair + Body, which combines Monoi Flower and Olive Fruit Extract to lock in moisture and leave hair fragrant with notes of toffee, coconut, gardenia, and refreshing citrus.

4. Protects against Heat Styling, Sun, and Pollutants

Grabbing the sunscreen before heading outside might be second nature, but it can be easy to forget that UV rays and pollution affect your hair, too. Salon-quality Shea Butter actually provides a natural form of heat and UV protection due to the way it absorbs into—rather than sits on top of—each strand of hair. Clever, right?

Our range of Shea Butter hair care also includes our proprietary Environmental Protection Complex, which features Pro-Vitamin B5 for heat protection, Specialty Rice Protein for solar protection, and Edelweiss Flower Extract to shield agaist pollution and environmental factors. Our Shea Butter Shampoo and Shea Butter Conditioner improve softness and elasticity while fighting off environmental damage throughout the day.

Taking advantage of Shea Butter benefits for hair is a path to strong, shiny locks—and the best results come from adding professional-quality Shea Butter to your regular hair care.