for Your Best Blonde

Instantly tone, brighten & repair blonde hair.  

Whether you are a regular or a newbie to dying your hair blonde, the inevitable hair woe you'll encounter is brassy hair! Nothing is more frustrating than when the freshly colored strands you leave the salon with turn into undesired yellow, orange, or red tones. 

You'll likely see this happening if you've dyed your hair from brown to blonde or platinum. All hair pigments have some measure of underlying warmth but most especially in hair pigments that are naturally darker—significantly changing your natural color creates the opportunity for these brassy tones to show up. 

Brassiness can also occur from harsh chemicals from the water while showering, air exposure to minerals, or oxidation from the sun, fading your color over time. It’s not a “you” problem, it’s a universal issue. 

The good news is that you can tone and eliminate brass with the help of some purple pigments, and with our revolutionary Blonde Rx products, even improve the strength, shine and smoothness!

Use A Purple Shampoo Weekly

If you’ve gone blonde, a weekly dose of purple shampoo is a mustno exceptions! Since purple is the opposite color of yellow, it cancels out those brassy tones. Blonde Rx Purple Toning Shampoo is powered by ultra-violet pigments that neutralize brass as well as charcoal powder to draw out impurities that have penetrated your hair cuticles that were opened during the bleaching process. Removing those impurities not only brighten but also help prevent additional oxidation. 

It also has nourishing ingredients like bamboo extract, avocado, coconut, & shea oil packed with vitamins and silica for 3x stronger hair with 67% less hair breakage* preventing split ends and revealing shinier, softer, smoother hair.

Swap Conditioner 1x Weekly With A Purple Mask

To keep your blonde hair at its brightest, we recommend to swap your daily conditioner out once a week with a purple mask. 

After shampooing with Blonde Rx Purple Toning Shampoo, massage Blonde Rx Anti-Brass Repair Purple Hair Mask from roots to ends, and comb through to distribute it evenly. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes – using this in your routine will bring your blonde tones back to life and protect hair from bleach damage and UV discoloration.  

Seal & Style Hair With A Brightening Oil 

Lastly, seal the deal and boost your blonde hair color further with Blonde Rx Brightening Oil Vitamin C Elixir. You can apply it to wet or dry hair before styling. Because brass can show up in hair from environmental and chemical damage, the artichoke leaf extracts create a powerful shield and protects blonde hair from the elements just like it protects the heart of the artichoke in nature. Stabilized Vitamin C tightens the cuticle and locks in moisture for smoother, shinier, and brighter hair (plus, it has 450 degrees heat protection for all your styling needs!). Our FEKKAI stylists are loving this oil to bookend blowouts for blondes, using it before hot tools as a treatment product and after to add shine, define and finish the look. 

Now that we’ve covered your ideal hair routine for keeping your blonde, blondehere are a few more helpful tips to keep your color intact:

  • The best temperature to wash your hair is lukewarm to cool. Rinsing your hair with cool water will help close the hair cuticle, making a difference in how long your color stays. 
  • Limit your time at the pool and beach, especially when you first get your color done, as beaches and pools strip the color of the hair, bringing it back to brassy. 
  • Consider getting a shower filter. Minerals in your water can contribute to color fading, making your hair prone to turning brassy over time.

Much love,