Celebrity Stylist Chad Wood’s Tips to Take Any Style from Runway to Real Life

Acting as our hair crystal ball for Fashion Week hair trends, celebrity stylist Chad Wood gives us tips for making any runway hairstyle flawless in real life.

Fashion Week literally gives us a glimpse into the future—of style trends, new and fun ways to wear our makeup, and of all the hairstyles that will be popular mere months down the line. But with everyone scrolling on Instagram and posting on TikTok, we don’t need to wait to try everything we’re seeing on the runway. And since your hair can literally change whenever you want, why not go for a new style now?

There are few people we trust more with our strands than Chad Wood. Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis, and Shay Mitchell are just some of his clients with absolutely swoon-worthy hair, so clearly we’re in very capable hands. Acting as our hair crystal ball for Fashion Month,  Chad is giving us tips for making any runway hairstyle flawless in real life.

Even during Fashion Week, hairstyles aren’t “in” or “out” anymore.

FEKKAI Takes Santa Monica Pier

“With social media, everyone is trying everything,” according to Chad. “Everything is on the table: it’s just about expression now and whatever is true to you.” We’ve seen that kind of empowering message on the runway, with designers using the natural texture of each model instead of opting for one style per show. So Chad encourages us all to “be different, make looks your own, and mix styles from different decades.”

A red carpet-worthy blowout starts with a good base.

FEKKAI Full Blown Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Like us, Chad loves a full, luscious blowout—one of the trademarks of gorgeous, healthy hair. And yet he reminds us, “any voluminous style starts with a really good base.” So of course, he starts with the Full Blown Volume Shampoo. “There’s French Oak Extract in it which helps you get that vitality and lift, on top of shine because it has hydrating nutrients in it.” These are all the things you want when you’re starting a style. 

“A lot of people think you can wash your hair and layer on products afterward to give it volume, but when you start with a good shampoo and conditioner and stay loyal to those products, they’re going to remove the toxic things that are making it flat and greasy,” Chad stresses. “Hair can exist on its own without us adding a bunch of things to it. FEKKAI products are clean and they’re going to eliminate those bad elements because the shampoo and conditioner you use can really keep you from having your best hair.”

Use rollers and some texturizing spray for lift if good, clean products aren’t enough.

FEKKAI Takes Santa Monica Pier Full Blown Volume Dry Texturizing Mist

“You can dry it on medium and then get some rollers which you can place on the top of your head and the sides of your head,” Chad advises. You can then curl the rest of your hair with a curling iron, if needed. “When you shake it out, put some of the Full Blown Volume Dry Texturizing Mist in it and you’ll have an amazing blowout.”

A boar bristle brush and mask do the trick to get super sleek hair.

FEKKAI Takes Santa Monica Pier Brushes

Chad highly recommends adding a boar bristle brush to your hair arsenal—Mason Pearson or another less pricey option. The reason why they’re the best to use? “They will get every one of your cuticles going in the direction you want them to.”

He names the middle part, a Kendall Jenner fave, as an addition to a super sleek hairstyle that will make it look chic. And he loves to top it off with our multi-tasking Brilliant Gloss Perfecting Crème.

Want to experiment? Ask your stylist first. 

Chad Wood FEKKAI Takes Santa Monica Pier

Is there anything worse than spending time on a hairstyle you saw on Instagram, only to have it look terrible after several unsuccessful attempts? Chad reminds us all that our hairstylists are here to help us get experimental—even if we just need tips on how to do it ourselves.

“I love looking at Instagram and YouTube to see what people are doing, but there’s a difference in knowing how to do looks on yourself versus doing them well on someone else,” he says.

So it’s good to ask someone who does hair for a living and works with many textures, many hair types, and many face shapes. “Social media is good for cool ideas, but you should bring some of the more experimental ones to your stylist, so you can work it out with them,” he recommends.  “And we’re there for you to ask questions. We enjoy that!”