The FEKKAI Guide to Super Shiny Hair

Fact: Everyone wants to know how to get shiny hair. It’s a sign of healthy, moisturized strands—a goal across hair textures. Here, our guide to super shiny hair.

Fact: Everyone wants to know how to get shiny hair. So much so, that searching the #shinyhair hashtag on Instagram has over 820K posts and counting. It’s a sign of healthy, moisturized strands—a goal across hair textures. 

And it definitely seems elusive—one wash routine can result in our glossiest hair ever but the next leaves us far from impressed. That’s because pollution, water quality, the products we use, and our styling methods can all affect the shine of our strands.

But not to fret—there are keys to boosting gloss and they’re easy to do. Here, our guide to super shiny hair.

Lather and rinse twice every time you shampoo.


Just-washed hair creates the perfect blank canvas for shine—lingering product residue is often the reason why even the healthiest hair looks dull. So cleanse away every impurity with a nutrient-rich cleanser like the Brilliant Gloss Shampoo, which replenishes moisture while removing any buildup.

And the key is to lather and rinse twice each time you wash—the same luxurious treatment you’d get at your favorite salon. Your first lather removes that aforementioned buildup from the styling products you’ve been using and remnants of the pollution and other environmental aggressors your hair has dealt with throughout the week. The second then gives your strands that true refresh and gets shine going.

Nourish shiny hair regularly.


Conditioned hair is happy hair and you can bet that happy hair shines. So hydrate your strands with a lush conditioner like the Brilliant Gloss Conditioner that boosts gloss and protects against moisture loss with a whole host of antioxidants and natural ingredients like French cold-pressed organic olive oil.

Dry your hair with a t-shirt, instead of a towel.

Fact: even the towels that are the softest on your body can be harsh on your hair. In our salons, we take special care to use the softest, strand-friendly versions, but softness isn’t always a given for those used at home—leading to unnecessary friction, breakage, and dullness.

Instead, remove excess moisture from your hair with a T-shirt post-wash for less harsh treatment and less friction, which means shinier hair.

Add extra moisture to protect against the drying process.


Whether air drying or doing a blowout, don’t let the drying process eliminate the shiny layer that’s been created with all your in-shower products. Retain that gloss and take it up a notch by working a dreamy crème like the Brilliant Gloss Multi-Tasker through your towel-dried hair—from ends up to mid-lengths. And if you have thicker hair or curls, smooth it on when your hair is dry for an added boost of moisture and shine.

Feed it from the inside-out.

Both your hair and body need nutrition to achieve maximum shine. So feed your hair by eating foods rich in vitamin E and Omega-3 like walnuts and fish like salmon and mackerel.

Get the right brush and use it mindfully.

Though we all love a good hair brushing moment, it’s not necessarily the best for your strands. A large portion of dullness and damage can come as a result of brushing. An unbroken cuticle is a necessity for shiny hair—it’s what results in a glassy surface, thus turning your strands into a beautiful mirror. Excessive styling and brushing break and split the cuticle, which in turn make it less reflective and glossy. 

All brushes are not created equal. If you’ve mastered at-home styling, stay away from brushes with a metal core that can get way too hot during the blow dry process. And opt for brushes that feature natural bristles which help to spread the natural oils in your hair and boost shine, instead of those with nylon bristles that can lead to damage. There’s a reason why Mason Pearson brushes are some of the most coveted in the world—their natural boar bristles do the trick every time. But even with the best, you have to be gentle. Make sure you start brushing at your ends and work your way up carefully.

Lock the moisture and shine in overnight.

Like your body and your mind, your hair restores and recharges itself overnight. To give it the rest it deserves, use a silk pillowcase and even a silk scarf when you sleep to ensure none of the moisture and shine you acquired during your wash and styling routine escapes because of friction with your pillow.