A CBD Hair Care Diary: My Experience Finding Calm

How getting my scalp a little “calmer” helped my hair.

As a pretty excitable guy, I’m often told to calm down…when I’m decorating for the holidays, when a Golden Girls marathon comes on, when my Seamless order arrives early. It never occurred to me to let that advice go to my head, but that’s exactly what some experts think we should all be doing.

What am I talking about? CBD. This phytocannabinoid found in Cannabis sativa plants has been cropping up in skincare products for a few years now, and the haircare industry is following suit. We know that CBD can help quell inflammation in skin, and proponents tell me it can do the same thing for the scalp, creating the a more fertile environment for your hair to grow.

I want fertile scalp, so I was game to try the FEKKAI CBD Scalp Calming range, a suite of five products that combine the anti-inflammatory powers of hemp (a plant with high levels of CBD and lower levels of THC, the chemical that gets you “high”) with healing and moisturizing aloe vera.

I used the full range of products for about three weeks—this is my experience.

FEKKAI CBD Scalp Calming Medium-to-Coarse Shampoo in hand

Getting this party started

The first thing I noticed when I popped the tops on these products is the scent. It’s, in a word, incredible. There’s something almost spa-like about it—fresh, slightly earthy, supremely comforting. These are products, I decided in those first moments, that I actually want to use.

Anyone who feels relaxed when they sniff lavender or salivate when the aroma of chocolate wafts by understands the power of scent, and if the fragrance of these products are any indication, calmer vibes are on the way.

When it comes to shampoo, there are two options here: one for fine-to-medium hair and one for medium-to-coarse. I received the latter, and it’s a solid option for me. You can work it into a satisfying froth, and it left my hair feeling clean in just one wash. This is a big deal—I’ve got a shorter crop, so I often use a lot of thick or solid styling products like clays, waxes, and pomades. I find that it typically takes at least two washes of a non-clarifying formula to get rid of all that gunk. No so here. I’m intrigued.

FEKKAI CBD Scalp Calming Hydrating Mask in hands

Good condition

Once I was done rinsing, I followed up with the Hydrating Conditioner. I always condition—my thick, dry hair needs it—and this formula is rich and nourishing. I find it to be thicker than most conditioners, so those with finer hair might be best served using it as a weekly or twice-weekly mask. Either way, it checks all the boxes, softening and moisturizing with aplomb.

Now the Hydrating Mask—that’s a real treat. It’s a buttery, marshmallow-y cream that nurtures naturally dry or processed hair to bring it back to life. I used mine once a week, slathering it on from root to end, letting it sit for about five to ten minutes, and then rinsing. Brilliant!

Two FEKKAI CBD Calming Supreme Oil bottles stacked

A real slick move

The fourth and final product I tried was the CBD Calming Supreme Oil. I’m told it can be used on the scalp and body, but I’m not such a fan of body oil, so I opted to use this one for a little impromptu scalp massage. I’ve written about the importance of scalp massages here before, and this is a fantastic option.

The master himself—Frédéric Fekkai—showed me his technique for using this product to get a kick-butt scalp massage during a recent FEKKAI salon visit. He recommends applying the oil to the scalp, placing the finger pads of both hands on the center of the head (your thumbs should be on the sides, near your temples), and moving the fingers and thumbs back and forth to almost “squeeze” the scalp gently. It’s a wonderfully luxurious experience that I highly recommend.

My bottom line

So…did I wake up at the end of my trial with completely different hair or more of it? No, but that’s not what I was anticipating anyway (as a beauty editor and writer for nearly twenty years, I’ve learned to manage my expectations).

What I can say is that I did notice a significant improvement in some of the acne I tend to experience on my scalp. It makes sense: Calming ingredients like CBD can have a significant impact on inflammatory skin conditions like acne. I was pleasantly surprised, and encouraged enough to make this a more permanent part of my routine.

I think you should too.