Take the Fekkai Super Strength Journaling Challenge and Find Your Strength

We have one question: Where do you find your strength?

Every day for 10 days, take 10 minutes to answer a short journaling prompt and reflect on what makes you feel your very best. Use this mini meditation time to find your inner strength.

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Take the FEKKAI Super Strength Journaling Challenge

Day 1

Name three qualities you like about yourself. What about them make you proud of who you are?

Day 2

When do you feel your most confident and powerful? It could be a time of day, an outfit you wear, or even when you’re with a certain person. What is it about that moment that’s so empowering?

Day 3

Self care routines are a huge part of empowering yourself. What is yours and how does it make you feel?

Day 4

Who in your life consistently energizes and refreshes you? Take a moment to reflect on what they bring into your life.

Day 5

Is there anything in your life consistently draining you of energy or making you feel negative? What it is and how can you work to cut it out? 

Day 6

Strength isn’t just about who you are, it’s about how you interact with the world. What are some of the hobbies, causes, or ways to give back that make you feel empowered, and why? If you don’t have any, how can you begin?

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Day 7

Spend 1 minute looking at yourself in the mirror, seeing yourself how the world sees you. What do you notice about about yourself?

Day 8 

Plan to take extra time on your routine this morning, giving your body, hair, and skin extra care with candles or soft music. What do you notice about how you feel going into the day? 

Day 9

Take time today to sit quietly, even if it’s just for 30 seconds. How did you feel going into your next meeting or task? Is this a habit you would add into your lifestyle?

Day 10 

You’ve reached the end of 10 straight days of this journaling exercise. Congratulations! After so much reflection, there’s just one more question: Where do you find your strength?

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