The Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Not all shampoos are created equal. 

Shampoos are all formulated differently, and choosing the right one for your hair type will make all the difference in keeping your strands shiny and healthy. From flat and fine hair to thick and curly or color-treated hair — the options are endless. Read on to see which shampoo works best for you and why.

Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

Whether you've decided to dye your hair a striking shade of red (very on trend this season) or are sporting a balayage, you’ll want to keep the color vibrant (and healthy!) for as long as possible. I recommend reaching for a gentle, color-care shampoo that also locks in color. This will prevent your color from fading and losing its luster which leads to it looking dull. 

Our Technician Color Shampoo Extended Color Vibrancy is infused with hydrating ingredients to protect your color-treated strands.  Clean science KeraGuard and ChromoHance™ combine with nourishing Mirabelle Plum Seed Oil to lock in 80% of color for up to 8 weeks. This sulfate formula is rich with fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that shield colored hair from the sun and oxidative stress and boost the vibrancy of the color––all that you could want in a shampoo plus more! 

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Shampoo for Brassy, Blonde Hair

Going blonde is fun (until your color gets brassy), so adding a purple shampoo is key. These concentrated shampoos are meant to be used weekly as a treatment to reduce brassiness and tone your blonde. Our Blonde Rx Purple Toning Shampoo does everything a traditional purple shampoo does plus adds strength and repair. Ultra-violet pigments neutralize those unwanted brassy yellow tones while charcoal powder acts as a natural detoxifier that removes impurities from the hair cuticles, opened during the bleaching process, and instantly brightens the hair. Bamboo extract strengthens and smoothes bleached hair. Plus, it smells like a dream ( said no other purple shampoo)!

On wash days when your blonde strands aren't looking too brassy but you can see and feel buildup, reach for Baby Blonde Shampoo. This does-it-all shampoo will brighten your hair over time with its botanical blend of Organic French Chamomile Extract and Papaya Enzymes that work to gently clarify the scalp and remove product build-up, scalp flakes, and environmental pollutants.

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Shampoo for Fine, Flat Hair 

Fine hair can be finicky and using the wrong shampoo can weigh down your strands which results in even flatter hair. Avoid formulas that have a creamy consistency with silicones or rich oils- those are great for other hair types but not yours! To add volume and lift to your fine tresses, I recommend reaching for our weightless Full Blown Volume Shampoo

It has ingredients Green Coconut Water, which instantly plump up fine strands for visible thickening. Rosemary Leaf Extract stimulates the hair follicles and Phytenssence™ (French Oak extract) strengthens the hair and protects from environmental aggressors. 

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Shampoo for Curly, Wavy, & Thick Hair

Curls are much more fragile than we think and are prone to frizz because of their spiral shape and porous nature. Our scalp produces natural oils that contain essential nutrients, however it’s much harder for these oils to find their way down curly strands. This hair type looks its best when using a shampoo that’s formulated with deeply nourishing oils and hydrating ingredients. I love our Shea Butter Shampoo and the ingredient it's named after–– it's incredibly moisturizing to the hair, preventing breakage and dryness. We sustainably source all our Shea Butter ingredients in West Africa, using 100% ethically wild-harvested raw materials. 

Another ingredient featured in this shampoo is Monoi Oil; essential for keeping curly strands smooth and frizz-free. Monoi Oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, helping strengthen hair and boosting elasticity to prevent breakage from mechanical damage and environmental aggressors. 

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Stylist tip: If you have more than one hair concern, for example, you have frizzy, dull hair that you color, alternate between shampoos that address both hair concerns. Reach for Technician Color Shampoo Extended Color Vibrancy and alternate with Brilliant Gloss Shampoo Moisturizing Hi-Shine for a boost of hydration and shine.  

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