The FEKKAI Life Episode 1: A New Journey

I am a celebrity hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist who’s built my brand on taking care of others, body, hair, and soul. Join me weekly for The FEKKAI Life, a series of relaxed, intimate conversations with free thinkers, business leaders, and creatives who’ve used their passion to change the world for the better.  Available wherever you find your podcasts.

Hello, I'm Frédéric Fekkai and I'm the founder of my namesake brand FEKKAI. I'm very happy to introduce you to my podcast, called The FEKKAI Life. 

This is where we are going to talk about how we can enhance our own lives and make the planet a better place. 

I started a business 30 years ago, which was a hair salon, and I realized that that hair salon has become a brand, a movement. And because the business gave me such a great pleasure, hearing and listening to my customer, I became much more creative. Much more innovative. Much more curious. 

When I sold my business, I realized that there was a vacuum. My life was getting empty. I was fortunate enough that 14 months ago, I could buy my brand back to actually come back with a relevancy about making a business that is caring for our beauty, health, but also our environment. 

What do I mean by that? I'm back here, creating product that has great efficacy, but at the same time is sustainable and free of what we call "nasties," which is silicones, the parabens, the sulfates, all the toxic ingredients.

We're so fortunate that today's technology enables us to produce such a product. So, it's a great mission. Here we are, enhancing, caring for our beauty and wellness but at the same time, caring and pampering out planet.

I invite you to join me every week for conversations with amazing leaders, accomplished businesswomen and men, and others who will share inspiring, important ideas about how they are already helping people feel better, more beautiful, and helping make a cleaner planet.

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