Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine With These 6 Tips

Cleaning and paying attention to the products we use has never meant more than it does right now. We’ve always loved the satisfaction and stress release that comes with the spring cleaning beauty routine exercise and now it’s absolutely crucial, as we all spend time indoors and focus on our head-to-toe products. Wondering how to spring clean your beauty routine? We have you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Here are our 6 tips for getting the cleanest, greenest routine for all your spring hair goals. 

Shake out the filter on your blow dryer. 

A dirty, blocked blow dryer filter can lead to overheating and thus hair damage. So, check the how-to instructions for your blow dryer to locate the filter and how it should be cleaned. On most, the filter is located on the back and can be twisted off and rinsed. Just make sure you let the filter dry fully before reattaching it and going after the blowout of your dreams. 

Swap out your wash day products for clean alternatives when doing your spring cleaning beauty routine work. 

FEKKAI Spring Cleansing Your Beauty Routine Technician Color Collection Pink Bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment Masque

We’re happy to report most shampoo & conditioner can last for years. But whether or not your current products are good for you is the question. It’s why our FEKKAI collections feature clean and vegan formulas in sustainable packaging—addressing every hair need. Buy just one collection or buy them all as part of your spring cleaning beauty routine—we won’t judge. 

Restock on healthy foods. 

FEKKAI French Lemon Healthy Foods

What you put inside your body has a huge effect on your hair. So, use this spring cleansing time to work on your cabinets and stock your refrigerator with fruits and leafy greens. 

Get a trim. 

FEKKAI 2020 Campaign

There’s always so much debate about how often to trim your hair, but we’re here to tell you: more is best in this situation. Start the new season with an inch or two off and marvel at how healthy your hair looks afterward. 

Clean your brushes...or buy all new ones. 

FEKKAI Los Angeles Sustainable Pop-Up Salon Santa Monica Beach Brushes, Scrunchies, and Combs

Your brushes need a cleanse as often as your hair does. So give your brushes a good old scrub with clean shampoo. Or splurge on all new ones and treat yourself. 

Get a new pillowcase and make it silk. 

Beauty sleep is real and your hair deserves as much of it as you can give. Make sure it’s worth it by protecting your strands overnight with a silk pillowcase that won’t strip it of moisture. 

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