All Our Favorites: The FEKKAI Team Reviews Their Most-Loved Products

We're taking the guesswork out of your next hair care choice by rounding out the team's most-loved products at the FEKKAI HQ. 

Let's face it: choosing one FEKKAI fave is no small feat. There's our Dry Texturizing Spray that literally gives you 90's supermodel volume and our Brilliant Gloss Multi-Tasker that is a hair routine holy grail and our...see what we mean?

In this time of chaos and uncertainty, choosing just about anything can seem like the most difficult decision ever. So, we're taking the guesswork out of your next hair care choice by rounding out the team's most-loved products at the FEKKAI HQ. Scroll away and get our top picks for everyday nourishment and shine, your next in-shower session, bringing your hair back to life, and every need in between.

Aylin, Global Marketing & Product Development Manager

"I have been using the CBD Calming Supreme Oil and I absolutely love it! The formula is lightweight, yet super hydrating and soothing. I've always been scared to use hair oils because of how fine my hair is, but this oil never leaves my hair feeling greasy or weighed down."

Audrey, Social Media Coordinator

"The new CBD collection is a must-have for my daily shower routine. I’ve particularly been loving the Hydrating Mask because I’m always looking for products that add moisture to my hair. Not to mention it leaves your hair smelling refreshing and clean."

Said, Chief Marketing Officer

"A cross between a cream and a styling aid, I love this product," says Said of our Brilliant Gloss Multi-Tasker. "It easily holds a style without any stiffness, loosens up as I run my hand through my hair during the day, and there's no sticky feeling afterward."

Kelly, Marketing Manager

FEKKAI Hair Care Reviews Technician Color Mask

"I've been loving the Technician Color Treatment Mask this summer," Kelly confirms. "My highlights tend to get brassy in the summer and this mask tones down those unwanted orange tones and keeps my hair hydrated and healthy-looking."

Faith, Copywriter

FEKKAI Hair Care Reviews Super Strength Mask

"I've always loved masking, but this time inside has allowed me to focus on it and my hair more. The Super Strength Mask is amazing for my natural curls as I can apply it as a pre-shampoo treatment, in the shower as a mask after cleansing and conditioning, and then a third time as a leave-in."

Emily, Content Manager


Emily states, "My go-to FEKKAI product is Brilliant Gloss Shampoo." She continues,"I love the easy lather and green tea scent—plus the formula is great for controlling frizz. That little pop of green makes me happy every time I step in the shower."

Rebecca, Designer


"My hair is thin but there is a lot of it," Rebecca reveals. "This gives me the clean that I need and a bit of an extra boost. It's the only natural shampoo I have found so far that doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down and lets me skip a wash day without that 'I skipped a wash' look."

Patricia, Customer Care

"The Super Strength Mask has been ideal for addressing my desperate need for a haircut during the quarantine," Patricia confesses. "This mask has improved the appearance of my hair tremendously with its deep conditioning!"