How to Mix and Match Our Hair Care

Our founder Frédéric is a huge champion of mixing and matching hair care to address your holistic hair health. Here, he shares his best tips for creating your own custom FEKKAI hair care routine.

No one's hair is one-dimensional: everyone's strands have more than one need. You may be a blonde who needs to keep color fade and brassiness at bay in her hair care routine while also protecting her strands or perhaps you're straightening your natural curls on a regular basis and need strength, heat protection, and shine.

That's why our founder Frédéric is a huge champion of mixing and matching hair care for a customized FEKKAI hair care routine. We have five collections (with more on the way, wink wink) and he wants you to be using them all together. For instance, when you take our quiz and get your customized bundle, you'll notice that Frédéric's recommendations span many collections, so that all your hair needs are met.

Here, his best tips for mixing and matching your hair care.


FEKKAI Hair Care Routine - Condition your blonde

Our Baby Blonde duo illuminates your blonde, while hydrating it so it can reach its brightest potential. Enhance your experience and FEKKAI hair care routine by adding in a color-protecting conditioner like our Technician Color product to combat against color fade and brassiness, along with moisturizing your strands. 


FEKKAI Hair Care Routine - Alternate your hair needs

Like your body, your hair has multiple needs that you have to address for full health. First, figure out what your strands are demanding: our quiz can help. Then, alternate the products and collections you're using. That may mean using a Brilliant Gloss trio one week and the Super Strength collection the next. Luckily for your hair, we're giving you a little treat when you buy our hair care bundles. So, you can go ahead and spring for two or more and watch your hair flourish in no time.


FEKKAI Hair Care Routine - pre-masking for hydration

Are you familiar with the idea of pre-shampoo treatments? The idea is to apply a restorative, protective treatment to your hair before your cleansing shower session to really infuse moisture and strength. Our Super Strength Mask and Technician Color Mask are the perfect products to achieve it and you can totally go about your day while they work their magic. Then, follow up with the shampoo and conditioner of your choice. Peak hydration.