6 Stylist-Backed Tips To Keep Your Hair Color From Fading Too Fast

Working with your stylist to get your perfect hair color seems bittersweet, after a couple of washes when that made-for-you hue becomes hair color fading. Let us help your color last longer with these six hair color longevity tips.

Working with your stylist to get your perfect hair color seems bittersweet, and after a couple of washes when that made-for-you hue turns into hair color fading. This is not the best life your hair is meant to lead, so let us help your color last longer...it should, after all. Here, six hair color longevity tips we live by, under the guidance of our stylists. 

Assess maintenance with your stylist before you color. 

blonde woman without hair color fading

The more vibrant the color, the more drastic the fade. So, before you start changing the hue of your hair, make sure you’re consulting your stylist on the level of maintenance required for upkeep.  

Keep the sun’s powerful rays at bay to help with hair color fading. 

FEKKAI Technician Color Collection for hair color fading

If the sun can change the color of your skin, then imagine what it can do to your hair. Make sure your strands are also getting protection—it's why we’ve included antioxidant-rich French Mirabelle Plum Seed Oil in every product in our Technician Color collection. Specialty rice protein is also included in every FEKKAI product for an extra safeguard against hair color fading. 

Extend time between washes. 

FEKKAI Shampoo Collection for hair color fading

Fact: your color lasts longer when you wash less. Opt for dry shampoo to help extend your style an additional day or two. And when you do need to cleanse, make sure your shampoo is sulfate-free, so it isn’t stripping your hair or your color. We’ve got five for you to choose from.

Mask weekly. 

FEKKAI Technician Color Flash Mask for hair color fading

Hydrated, healthy hair just looks better. It’s shiny and better reflects light, which results in eye-catching hair color.  Peak hair health is just a product away with our Technician Color Flash Mask. Apply it to your dry hair pre-cleanse so it can begin its healing magic. Then go in for a second, two-minute round post-conditioner for maximum repair. 

Save the soothing hot showers for your skin & not your hair. 

Turning the heat up in the shower feels reinvigorating to your skin, but it has the opposite effect on your hair color. The temperature opens your hair’s cuticle, and out comes your color. We recommend cleansing your strands with room-temperature water and sealing those cuticles with a cold rinse to finish. 

Infuse moisture constantly with leave-in conditioners. 

FEKKAI Treatments

The more care, the better with color-treated hair. Give your dyed strands a daily boost of nourishment with leave-in treatments on days when you aren’t cleansing and conditioning. Our multi-taskers are the perfect hair rejuvenators for all-around protection and hydration.