How We're Celebrating World Oceans Day

On World Oceans Day, we're celebrating the power and beauty of our oceans. Eight million tons of plastic land in our oceans each year and 90% of plastic is never recycled, so we must act now. 

It's why we're turning the tide toward blue beauty on World Oceans Day—the industry’s commitment to reverse the damage it has done to the planet.

We're creating bottles from 95% recycled plastic that is diverted away from our oceans, as well as making sustainable beauty products with clean and vegan formulas. 

We created the #MyHairCares pledge to show our commitment to educating ourselves about the environmental changes that are shaping our world through social media, the news, and all the platforms we use on World Oceans Day and every day. We want to learn from the powerful voices in the space and the indigenous, Black, and communities of color who pioneered this movement, so we can all move forward together. 

A greener and cleaner beauty routine is one of the easiest steps to joining this mission, whether that’s buying products that have sustainable packaging or supporting brands that are working to protect our natural resources.  

FEKKAI Blank Sustainable Packaging

We’re also launching our recycling program, so we can have clean hair, clean beauty shelves, and clean oceans. Recycling empty bottles in an environmentally conscious way is the last ask of our pledge for a reason. 

We live by these tenets every day and we hope you will as well. Beauty can change our oceans for the better, so let’s make that change together. 


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